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Opti Coat Pro “OCP” is a very durable hard wearing clear coat film that protects your vehicles finish. OCP is not a wax or a sealant. Opti Coat Pro is harder than then factory clear coats and with proper care will reduce visible swirls and scratches. OCP cross links and forms a continuous protective film with the painted surface it is applied to. OCP is a very hard and glossy sacrificial barrier in place to protect your original finish.

Opti-Coat Pro has better chemical resistance, mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating. OCP provides permanent protection for all modern factory paint and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces as well.

The benefits of Opti Coat Pro on your finish are:

  • Long lasting durability
  • Greatly increased shine
  • Amazing water sheeting ability
  • Swirl and marring resistant
  • Etching resistant
  • Water spot resistant
  • Much easier to clean
  • Will stay cleaner longer


21247487124_38c698bec1_kInitially we assess your vehicles finish. Paint in excellent condition will need a minimal amount of surface prep before coating it. If your finish isn’t new or if it exhibits contaminates and/or paint defects we will recommend our surface decontamination and paint correction service to address any issue that will detract from the finish looking flawless. Once the paint is polished, smooth, and defect free we apply the coating. The coating process takes two technicians about two to three hours to apply.

OCP is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes. OCP is resistant to water spotting within 12 hours. OCP will continue to harden over the next 30 days.


Glass Coat – Our short term paint coating. Glass Coat offers extreme gloss with 2 to 3 year durability.

Price starts at $500 (Cars, GC installation applied on paint already in excellent condition.)

Opti Coat Pro – Cost varies depending on the amount of paint being coated and the amount of prep/polishing work required to prepare the finish for coating. Paint not in excellent condition will require some form of polishing/paint correction first.

Price starts at $795 (Cars, OCP installation applied on paint already in excellent condition.)

Opti Coat Pro PLUS – PLUS is the additional of a second layer of product applied on top of Opti Coat Pro within 30 minutes of applying Opti Coat Pro. The second layer enhances all of the OCP benefits as well as dramatically increasing shine. OCP with PLUS takes two technicians about 4 hours to apply.

Price starts at $1200 (Cars, OCP installation applied on paint already in excellent condition.)

Opti Coat Pro is backed by a 5 year warranty when applied of vehicles that are 6 year old or newer.

Ask about our other Warrantied Optimum coating protects for your LEATHER,