This service is for vehicles requiring some form of reconditioning to restore them to a well protected like new appearance.


Our interior services completely rejuvenate your interior. This service ranges from the carpet, floor mats, and seats being spot cleaned, to thoroughly shampooing with a  powerful hot water extractor that not only melts away stains and eliminates odors, but extracts (rinses) the dirt away. Leather seats and other leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned to maintain their look and texture. All plastic and vinyl is thoroughly cleaned, then appropriately dressed to prevent cracking and fading. The dash is cleaned paying special attention to cleaning out all of the recessed areas of dust and grime. The result is a spotless, fresh interior that looks and smells new.


This service restores a neglected and / or damaged paint finish to a smooth, durable, brilliant gloss. This is the service our name and reputation is built on.

Above surface contaminants such as environmental fallout, tree sap, and bonded dirt are safely removed.  Below-surface damage such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and stains/blemishes are addressed and corrected. Once the paint is “deep cleaned,”  we condition the paint with a polish that will restore a deep dramatic brilliant shine. After the paint looks perfect, we apply a long lasting protective coating to preserve the paint.  This is a very specialized service and usually requires “buffing” and in some extreme cases may also include “color sanding”.     The result is a finish that looks absolutely exceptional and one that is well protected from the sun and other damaging effects of daily use.

Rates for reconditioning a vehicle are determined by the type, size and condition of the vehicle and by the amount of the work required to recondition it.  We grade the difficulty of the interior and exterior separately into three levels of work, light, medium, and heavy.

We recondition most vehicles from about $300 to $600.

Show, specialty and/or exotic vehicles can be priced higher.


Extreme Paint Correction –

Prices start at $600 … to no limit.


Please call or email us for a free estimate.