Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is not a wax or sealant. It is a liquid polymer applied to your vehicle’s finish to protect it. Think of it like a protective shell over your vehicle’s paint. Once cured, and if properly maintained, the ceramic coating will protect the finish for years to come.

Ceramic coatings have much higher resistance from damage due to water spotting, bird droppings, and micro marring than wax or sealants. Our ceramic coatings provide protection for all modern factory paint finishes and can also be used to protect hard plastic surfaces and rims as well.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating on Your Finish

  • Greatly increased shine

  • Durable UV protection

  • Amazing water sheeting ability

  • Swirl and marring resistant

  • Etching resistant

  • Water spot resistant

  • Much easier to clean

  • Will stay cleaner longer

The Coating Process

Initially, we will inspect your vehicle’s finish. Paint in excellent condition will need a minimal amount of surface prep before applying the coating. The process for finishes in good condition includes thorough cleaning and light polishing.

If your finish isn’t defect-free, has paint blemishes, or is badly contaminated, we recommend our surface decontamination and paint correction service (at an additional cost) to address any issue that will detract from the finish looking flawless.

Once the paint is clean, decontaminated, polished, and defect-free, we apply the coating. The coating process takes two technicians about two hours to apply.

The ceramic coating is dry to the touch in about an hour and will be resistant to water spotting within 12 hours. It will continue to harden over the next few days until 100% cured.

3 Paint Coating Options

These prices are for the average-size sedan with a paint finish in excellent condition. Prices vary based on size and condition. Please contact us for a quote for your vehicle!

  • Ceramic Light 1-Year: $350

  • Ceramic Premium 5-Year: $1,000

  • Ceramic Premium 9-Year: $1,600

Prices are for paint coating installation only. Paint correction and interior detailing are offered as separate services at an additional cost.

There is also an additional cost to coat large added accessories, such as bed covers or camper shells.

Interested in Ceramic Coating in Arcadia, CA?

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