Paint Correction

At Superior Shine, we specialize in paint correction, a process that rejuvenates your vehicle's finish to an amazing, brilliant shine. Our service is dedicated to removing below-surface paint defects such as scratches, swirl marks, haze, oxidation, and polishing trails. Paint correction is not just a service; it's an art that we have mastered over the years, ensuring your vehicle looks its absolute best.

Expert Removal of Paint Defects

Paint defects like scratches, swirl marks, and haze can diminish the overall appearance of your vehicle. Our expert technicians use advanced techniques and equipment to gently and effectively remove these imperfections from your vehicle's paint.

We understand each vehicle and defect requires a unique approach, and our specialists have the skills and experience to tailor our service to your vehicle’s specific needs.

Labor-Intensive Mastery

Paint correction is a labor-intensive process that demands a high level of expertise. Our team at Superior Shine has spent years honing their skills to perfect this craft. We take pride in our ability to transform your vehicle's finish, paying close attention to every detail, including edges and hard-to-reach areas, to ensure a flawless result.

Tailored to Your Vehicle's Needs

The key to a superior paint correction is the time and effort put into refining the vehicle's paint. Our specialists work diligently to polish and refine every inch of your vehicle's surface, paying special attention to areas requiring deeper correction.

Customized to Your Preferences and Budget

Our paint correction service is priced based on the condition of your vehicle's paint and the level of refinement you desire. We offer transparent, time-based pricing, allowing you to choose the extent of the service based on your preferences and budget. This approach ensures you receive a personalized service that meets your exact requirements.

  • 4 team hours / $600

  • 6 team hours / $850

  • 8 team hours / $1,000

  • 10 team hours / $1,400

  • 12 team hours / $1,700

  • 15 team hours / $2,200

  • 18 team hours / $2,500

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